Token Economics

The core of ICX token economy is centered on preventing inflation by maintaining a capped supply of 100 million tokens. To incentivize deflation, the protocol requires the burning of tokens to utilize the dapp, thereby reducing the total supply over time. The distribution of ICX tokens is currently delineated as follows:

  • Dev Team: 15% of the total supply, equating to 15 million tokens, is reserved for the development team. These tokens are vested over a span of 4 years, underscoring the team's long-term dedication to the project and synchronizing their interests with the continued evolution and success of the platform.
  • Community: 17% of the tokens, amounting to 17 million tokens, are held by the broader community. This allocation is devised to amplify active participation and nurture a deep-rooted sense of ownership and collaborative decision-making within the ecosystem.
  • Liquidity: 2% of the tokens are being used to provide liquidity, divided between Sonic and ICPSwap DEXs.
  • Treasury: The rest of the tokens (66%), is safeguarded in the treasury. The primary purpose of the treasury is to fortify the project's long-term resilience, facilitating future developmental strides, forging partnerships, and spearheading other essential initiatives.


Every year, a portion of the treasury will be used to reward users of the dapp by distributing neurons. In this way, the DAO will become progressively more decentralized.

Smallest Unit

Similar to satoshis in Bitcoin, a dominic (dom) is the smallest unit of the ICX token.

1 dom = 0.00000001 ICX. 1 ICX = 100,000,000 doms.

You can track governance parameters and follow token transactions and neuron activity in the dashboard of our SNS. Open SNS Dashboard
  • Neurons: 0
  • Max Token Supply: 0 ICX
  • Token Supply: 0 ICX
  • Treasury: 65,999,958 ICX
  • Circulating Supply: -80,999,958 ICX
  • Neuron Stake: 0 ICX
  • Maturity: 0 ICX
  • Staked Maturity: 0 ICX